Engineered Immunotherapy for Cancer

Promising initial clinical trial results

led Aduro to initiate the Phase 2b ECLIPSE trial, a combination of its lead product candidate, CRS-207, and GVAX Pancreas, in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. CRS-207 is the first candidate to emerge from Aduro’s proprietary LADD platform. Read More.

Aduro recently acquired BioNovion BV, a premier antibody discovery and development company located in the Netherlands. BioNovion is now a subsidiary of Aduro and will operate under the name of Aduro Biotech Europe. This addition secures a unique position for Aduro in the immuno-oncology field as a company with multiple therapeutic approaches that have the potential to yield powerful immunotherapy combinations under one umbrella.

Aduro’s novel technologies

are in development to induce highly targeted, potent and sustained immune responses against a variety of cancers. We have three diverse immunotherapy platforms – LADD (live, attenuated, double-deleted Listeria mononcytogenes), CDNs (cyclic dinucleotides) and B-select antibodies (B-select) that we believe are the key to staying at the forefront of discovery, development and commercialization of immunotherapies, alone or in combination; that make transformative advances in the treatment of challenging diseases. Read More.

From lab to clinic

Learn how Aduro is developing revolutionary new therapies to treat cancers. Watch the video.