About Aduro

Aduro is dedicated to its mission to discover, develop, and commercialize immunotherapies that transform the treatment of challenging diseases, including cancer.

To fulfill its mission, the company is advancing several leading-edge proprietary technologies that are designed to initiate and sustain the immune system to mobilize and attack tumors. Collectively, Aduro’s technologies are uniquely positioned to recruit and direct the immune system by activating cancer-fighting immune cells and inhibiting immune suppressive cells known to allow tumor growth.

Product candidates from Aduro’s STING Pathway Activators and B-select monoclonal antibody technologies are designed to stimulate and/or regulate innate and adaptive immune responses, either as single agents or in combination with conventional therapies (chemotherapy and radiation) as well as other cutting-edge immunotherapies. This diverse set of technologies has led to a strong pipeline of clinical and preclinical candidates, which are being evaluated in a number of cancer indications. Additionally, Aduro’s technologies have the potential to generate product candidates that address other therapeutic areas, such as autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Aduro collaborates and partners with leading academic investigators, along with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in an effort to develop its technologies in an expeditious manner and make new therapies available to patients in need.