Access to Our Investigational Agents

A letter from the CEO

At Aduro Biotech, we are committed to developing novel immunotherapies intended to improve and extend the lives of patients and we strive each day to develop innovative medicines to treat life-threatening diseases. Drug development can be very challenging, but the employees of Aduro are continually motivated by their desire to help patients. Our goal is to use technical talent and scientific insights to develop important, novel approaches to treat diseases including cancer, kidney, autoimmune and infectious disease .

Providing access to our investigational treatments through “compassionate use” or “expanded access” programs is a complex matter to which we have given a lot of thought. Before providing an investigational medicine, which has not been approved by the FDA, to any individual outside of formal clinical trials, we must ensure that we are not at risk of causing harm to patients and do not potentially compromise the broader development program, which is shaped by rigorous regulatory approval processes. It is only through the regulatory review and approval process that we can ensure that we ultimately help the largest number of patients. This remains our primary goal. Our current focus is to complete our ongoing clinical studies to demonstrate conclusive safety and efficacy of our agents in order to obtain regulatory approval and provide widespread availability of our medicines. As a result, we must restrict access to our investigational medicines until these clinical trials have been completed and we are confident that we have met these requirements. For this reason, no investigational medicines of Aduro are available under expanded access programs at this time. We encourage all eligible patients to speak to their physician about the possibility of enrolling in clinical trials to gain access to investigational agents and to support the development of promising new therapies.

This is an important time for medical and scientific innovation and the development of important new therapies for serious diseases. At Aduro, we are putting all of our resources towards developing and delivering such innovative therapies to the largest number of patients in the shortest amount of time and we will continue to focus on this goal in order to change the course of devastating diseases.

Stephen Isaacs

Chairman and CEO